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Board Members

Denise McKee - President

Alannis McKee - Vice President

Jennifer Canning - Treasurer

Neil McKee - Board Member

Stephanie Williams - Board Member

Our Vision, Mission, and Values


Our Vision
The NWT Autism Society envisions families and individuals, living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), achieving their full potential within THEIR home community.
We achieve this vision through; advocacy and empowerment; educational resources and system navigation and promoting safety/awareness for the individual, family and community.


  • We recognize the uniqueness of the north and resourcefulness and resilience of Northern communities.

  • Each individual and family is unique with diverse culture and values.

  • Every individual living with A.S.D. has the Right to dignity, respect and to self-determination in all aspects of life.

  • Every individual living with A.S.D. has the Right to direct and determine meaningful participation and to self- fulfillment.

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